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Livestock Bunk Feeders

Our Livestock Bunk Feeders are durable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. Made from 100% recycled plastic and proudly manufactured here in the United States, they are created using rotationally molded plastic. These feeders do not require liners, so you save money immediately once you start using them.

Our Bunk Feeders are uniquely designed for strength and durability. They will not break or warp under normal use. They are able to withstand heavy loads and are weather resistant.

Perfect for cattle and other large animals, our feeders are made from LLDPE which will not leach into the feed when wet. Line up several units for larger lots or larger herds.

Our Feeders are available in 4-foot or 10-foot long units. The dimensions and specifications are listed on this page. Available in 4’ or 10’ units. Only available in black

10 Foot Bunk Feeders

  • Base – 10′ Long by 33″ Wide
  • Weight – 100 lbs.
  • Manufactured with LLDPE
  • Weather Resistant

4 Foot Bunk Feeders

  • Base – 46.5″ Long by 25″ Wide
  • Weight – 50 lbs.
  • Manufactured with LLDPE
  • Weather Resistant

For Pricing & Shipping Information on All Bunk Feeders Contact Travis:

[email protected]

Ground Mineral Feeder

Product Description:

  • Mineral feeder with reservoir with felt lid. Lid is 3/8″ thick and 36″ in diameter.
  • Helps rid your herd of face flies and pink eye problems using a pour-on, or spray, insecticide recommended by manufacturer for back rubber application
  • 3 options available

Mineral Feeder – No cover: $90
Mineral Feeder – with plain rubber cover: $126
Mineral Feeder – with Fly Killer Kover & Reservoir: $318

Bunk Feeders

Product Description:

  • 4′ variant is 46.5″ long by 25″ wide and weighs 50lbs
  • 10′ variant is 10′ long by 33″ wide and weighs 100lbs.
  • Both versions are manufactured with LLDPE
  • Weather resistant

Stall Feeder

Product Description:

  • Dimensions: 22″ wide X 17″ deep X 36″ high
  • Made from recycled plastic with steel hay saver rack
  • Designed for hungry horses with minimum feed loss

Triple Action Bulk Feeder

Product Description:

  • Completely enclosed and formed from one-piece rotational-molded plastic
  • White plastic increases feed level visibility
  • 3-hinge feed spout is level adjustable
  • Can be mounted on a truck bed, 3-point, or front-end loader

3′ Plastic Reservoir with Wick

Product Description:

  • Tank measures 3′
  • Mop measures 25″ long
  • Tank and mop wicking system work effortlessly by applying pesticide from head to tail when the cattle walk under it
  • Simply fill tank as needed and the mop wick will absorb fluid as needed
  • Chain to gate entry to keep cattle clear from flies