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Hunting Blinds - Hunting Shelters

Hunting Blinds – Hunting Shelters

Empire Hunting Blinds is one of the newest blinds on the market and Coon MFG. is glad to support this new and upcoming business. Coon MFG has stopped the production of the 4×6 and 6×8 hunting blinds and Empire Hunting Blinds has replaced the previous design with their improved hunting setup.

Empire blinds offer a one-piece rotomolded blind that stands 74” tall, with a base of 5 ½ by 5 ½. Empire blinds have a very unique design to handle the most brutal winters and the roughest wind. The design consists of an aerodynamic roof and 4 molded-in ribs all the way across the top of the blind to keep its form when weight is added to the roof of the blind. The best thing about this Hunting Blind is, that it is the very first one-piece blind that is affordable to be shipped every which way in the U.S.

As seen in the pictures, the blinds are stacked inside each other on their side ready to be unloaded straight into that perfect hunting spot! How are they sturdy with no floor and can hold up so much weight? Empire blinds designed the blind to have two 2” ribs around all 4 sides of the blinds for that extra support. What if I don’t want to be out on the grass and want to be up higher? Empire has you covered with their 6’ tower stand that is the perfect match for this blind. The tower stand is 6’ tall with a no raddle hook n’ ladder system, the base of the top of the stand is 6’ ½” x 6’. Empires stand has a quick and easy assemble with its collapsible design and is very easy to ship as well, just simply bolt the two cross braces onto the stand and it’s ready to go! 

If you have questions or feel that this setup is the right thing for you call 660-654-2549.