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Tennessee Horse and Llama Hay Feeder
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Covered Hay Feeder
Lebanon, TN

Providing solutions to help protect the feed for your horses and other large farm animals is what the Hay Bonnet is all about. No more leaving the hay in the lot to be rained on or trampled under feet. This amazing unit is simple to use and easy to transport from location to location. You can find the Hay Bonnet at Wilson Co-op in Lebanon, TN. The address is below

Wilson Co-op
107 Babb Dr
Lebanon, TN 37087

Phone: (615) 444-5212

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 7 AM – 5 PM
Saturday – 7 AM – Noon

Animal owners understand the absolute necessity of keeping their animals healthy. One of the most-important ways to do that is to keep their feed dry and free of mold or other harmful things.

They Hay Bonnet provides that safety and protection for animal feed (or hay). Its construction makes it very easy for the animals to access the feed through any of the eight large windows around the perimeter.

The Hay Bonnet is perfect for any size operation and it is great for horses, llamas, cattle or any other type of grass-eating animal. Younger animals can also easily access the feed. If they are short, we have created a ledge they can stand on, but most have no difficulties reaching the hay in the unit.

We also have opportunities to promote the Hay Bonnet in the State of Tennessee. If interested, please contact us at our toll-free number (800) 843-1532.


Tennessee Horse and Llama Hay Feeder - Mobile Header

Hay Bonnet Benefits

  • Protect Feed from Rainy Weather
  • Protect Hay from being Trampled or Wasted by Animals
  • Move the Units Easy from Place to Place
  • Protect Hay and Feed from Animal Waste
  • Ease of Use by Only One Person
  • Great for Horses, Cattle, Llamas and more
  • Easy Access to Hay or Feed
  • Manufactured with Durable Weather-Resistant Materials
  • Save Money by Eliminating Wasted Hay or Feed

Find the Hay Bonnet at Wilson Farmers Co-op in Lebanon, TN

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