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Covered Horse Hay Feeder Montana

Covered Hay Feeders – Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Looking for the Best way to protect hay and feed for your horses and larger animals?  Murdoch’s Rand and Home Supply Stores carry the perfect solution for Montana Owners and they have multiple locations

The Hay Bonnet is the Fastest Growing Covered Horse Hay Feeder Solution in Montana. This durable solution is light-weight and easy to transport and it helps keep hay and animal feed drier for healthy eating.

Each Hay Bonnet unit is spacious and easily covers large hay bales. The units have windows on all four sides, allowing multiple animals to safely graze at the same time. Each unit also has a raised ledge around the outside which allows younger animals to climb on for easier access to the hay or feed.  

Contact any of the Murdoch’s Stores to learn how you can get the Hay Bonnet for your property. It is perfect for horses, cattle, llamas, and other large animals. 

Protect Feed and Hay from the Montana Weather. Use the Hay Bonnet!

Hay Bonnet Horse & Large Animal Feeders - Available in these Montana Murdoch's Locations
Bozeman - Butte - Columbia Falls - Dillon - Four Corners - Hamilton - Helena - Kalispell - Missoula - Miles City - Polson

There is no better way to protect your hay investment than to use the Hay Bonnet. Farmers and Ranchers from all over the state are purchasing units from dealers. Certified Dealers are located throughout the great state of Montana. Below you will find locations where you can find the Hay Bonnet.

All types of Large Animals Use the Hay Bonnet - Florida
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida
Horses Feeding with the Large Hay Feeder
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida - Multiple Horses Feeding

Below You Find a List of Many of the Different Murdoch Store Locations which Carry the Hay Bonnet. Call for More Information.

Murdoch’s Home Supply Bozeman, MT

(406) 586-8466

Murdoch’s Home Supply Butte, MT

(406) 494-6188

Murdoch’s Home Supply Columbia Falls, MT

(406) 892-0176

Murdoch’s Home Supply Dillon, MT

(406) 683-6855

Murdoch’s Home Supply Four Corners, MT

(406) 587-6302

Murdoch’s Home Supply Hamilton, MT

(406) 363-7644

Murdoch’s Home Supply Helena, MT

(406) 457-1700

Murdoch’s Home Supply Kalispell, MT

(406) 755-4747

Murdoch’s Home Supply Missoula, MT

(406) 549-2355

Murdoch’s Home Supply Miles City, MT

(406) 232-3422

Murdoch’s Home Supply Polson, MT

(406) 883-2140