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Covered Hay Feeder Oregon

Covered Horse Hay Feeders in Oregon

Oregon is uniquely positioned geographically in the United States. Located next to the Pacific Ocean, Oregon can experience a lot of rainy weather. It can also get very hot and windy during the long summer months as well.


The Hay Bonnet was created to help protect hay and other feed for horses, cattle, and other large farm animals. The unique design allows for easy access to the hay or feed while also helping to protect it from the elements. 

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Animals of all sizes can easily access the hay inside the unit. Mature horses and larger farm animals enjoy the way the hay is kept dry from rain and snow. They also like to eat in a shady area during the hot, summer days. 

Many times the animals end up trampling the hay and it mixes with liquid or solid waste. The Hay Bonnet keeps the hay enclosed and away from contamination. This is a huge benefit that other systems cannot offer.

Simple to use and easy to move from place to place, the Hay Bonnet is a superior product that is perfect for horse owners and farm owners alike. Protect your hay or feed investment and keep it clean and dry for your animals. Order the Hay Bonnet today.

The Hay Bonnet is So Easy to Move and is Perfect for Protecting Your Feed Investment

The Oregon Weather Can Cost You Money

Don’t let the rainy weather or the hot, dry summers ruin your animal feed. Purchase the Hay Bonnet to keep your animal feed clean and dry.

The Hay Bonnet – Oregon’s Fastest Growing Covered Hay Feeder

Oregon has a limited number of locations where you can purchase the Hay Bonnet. Locations where you can find them are listed below.
If your store would like to carry this popular Covered Hay Feeder, call us at 800 843 1532

NW Farm Supply – Find the Hay Bonnet at NW Farm Supply in Hermiston, OR. Call 541-567-5650 for more information.

Hermiston Oregon Covered Hay Feeder

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