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Covered Horse Hay Feeder - Hermiston Oregon
Hermiston Oregon Covered Horse Hay Feeder - NW Farm Supply

Hermiston Oregon Covered Horse Hay Feeder

Horses and other larger farm animals thrive using the Hay Bonnet Covered Feeder. It’s design makes access easy for both mature and younger animals. You can find the Hay Bonnet at the following Hermiston Oregon, location:

NW Farm Supplies
80411 US Highway 395
Hermiston, OR 97838

Phone: (541) 567-5650

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 7:30 AM – 6 PM

Protecting hay from the rainy Oregon weather is a big advantage of using our product. Wet hay (or other feed) can be a place where mold and other pathogens grow. When animals eat this type of hay, they can get very sick, or even worse.

They Hay Bonnet is manufactured from high density plastics which are safe for the environment and for your animals. It not only will protect the hay from rain or snow, but it will also keep it from being trampled. Anyone who has worked with animals knows that trampled hay or feed is very dirty and can become contaminated with solid or liquid waste products.

Be sure to purchase your Hay Bonnet Units in Hermiston at the NW Farm Supplies address listed above. We also have opportunities to promote the Hay Bonnet in the State of Oregon. If interested, please contact us at our toll-free number (800) 843-1532.


Hermiston Oregon Covered Horse Hay Feeder - NW Farm Supply

Hay Bonnet Benefits

  • Protect Feed from Snowy and Rainy Weather
  • Easy Access to Hay or Feed
  • Protect Hay from being Trampled or Wasted by Animals
  • Easy Access to Hay or Feed
  • Move the Units Easy from Place to Place
  • Easy Access to Hay or Feed
  • Ease of Use by Only One Person
  • Great for Horses, Cattle, Llamas and more
  • Manufactured with Durable Weather-Resistant Materials
  • Save Money by Eliminating Wasted Hay or Feed

Find the Hay Bonnet at N W Farm Supply, Inc in Hermiston, Oregon

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