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Horse Hay Feeder & Large Animal Feeder – Florida

Florida is known for its high humidity levels throughout the year. Because the state is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, thunderstorms are common through much of the year. All of this extra moisture in the air and frequent rain can lead to feed for large animals and horses to absorb a lot of moisture. This is especially common for hay.

This is why we created the Hay Bonnet. This amazing product allows you to protect your hay bales from the elements until the feed has been completely used by the animals.

Feeding Horses and Larger Animals like Cattle, Llamas, Alpacas and others is a very important part of the owner’s daily routine. For some animals, the job can be made easier by putting out large hay bales for the animals to feed from throughout the week without the need to continually replacing the bales. Over time, however, the bales can deteriorate or become moldy in the right conditions. 


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The Hay Bonnet units are perfect for adult or juvenile horses, cows, llamas or any other type of large animal. Each of the four sides contains two sizeable openings which allow the animals plenty of room for reaching the feed.

The Hay Bonnet is made from durable, light-weight materials which makes the unit easy to move. To fill the unit with hay, simply place a large bale on the ground and put the unit over the bale (round bales work great). You can just walk away until its time to put out more feed for the animals.

Hay Feeder for Horses & Large Farm Animals in Florida, USA. Protect Feed from Florida Weather and Save Money!

The Hay Bonnet is So Easy to Move and is Perfect for Protecting Your Feed Investment

Florida Weather Can Cost Your Money

With all of the moisture in the air in the State of Florida, farmers and ranchers can lose a lot of money in wasted Hay and Feed. The Hay Bonnet can save you a lot of money in a short time.

Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida - Multiple Horses Feeding
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida
Horses Feeding with the Large Hay Feeder
All types of Large Animals Use the Hay Bonnet - Florida

Florida Loves the Hay Bonnet

Find the Dealer for the Durable Hay Bonnet Nearest to Your Florida Location. We currently have authorized dealers in Brooksville, Dade City, Odessa, Lakeland, Thonotosassa, and Zephyrhills Florida. Dealers are Listed Below with Contact Information. If You do not see One Close to Your Location, Please Call Us at the Toll-Free Number Listed Above.

If you would like to be considered as an authorized dealer in the State of Florida for our Large Animal and Horse Hay Feeders, please contact us at the number listed above.

Antioch Feed & Farm Supply

12650 McIntosh Rd,
Thonotosassa, FL 33592

(813) 986-5611

Farmer’s Feed Depot

14648 7th St,

Dade City, FL 33523

(352) 567-3568

Fox’s Feed

16820 Gunn Hwy,
Odessa, FL 33556

(813) 920-2514

Knight’s Station Feed

3010 Knight’s Station Road,
Lakeland, FL 33810

(863) 816-5871

Odessa Feed Depot

11108 Tarpon Springs Rd,
Odessa, FL 33556

(813) 792-9068

Feed Depot USA

34100 FL-54,
Zephyrhills, FL 33543

(352) 567-3568

Ranch Hand Feed

21029 Cortez Blvd,
Brooksville, FL 34601

(352) 796-4186