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Hay Bonnet Covered Hay Feeder Odessa, Florida

If you are in the market for a covered hay feeder for horses and other large animals, and you live in the Odessa, Florida area, check out Fox’s Feed Depot on Gunn Highway. Fox’s Feed Depot in Odessa Florida is an authorized dealer for the Hay Bonnet Covered Hay Feeder.

Fox’s Feed Depot
16820 Gunn Hwy
Odessa, FL 33556

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Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM  Saturday/Sunday 8 AM – 4 PM

The Hay Bonnet is manufactured from high density materials which is resistant to rainy weather, animal urine, and more. It has been created to help protect animal feed and bales of hay (especially round bales) so that animals can have access to dry feed until it has been completely consumed.

The Hay Bonnet is easy to move, even for one person (see photo on this page). Not only is it light-weight, but it has been made to keep hay covered, even in bad weather. Because it is so effective at keeping hay protected from the elements, the hay can remain dry. This will help to inhibit mold growth which can be harmful to animals if consumed.

The Hay Bonnet is only available at authorized dealers and cannot be found online anywhere. It is perfect for farmers and ranchers who own horses, cows, llamas, alpacas and other large animals.

Fox’ Feed Depot

Hay Feeder for Horses & Large Farm Animals in Florida, USA. Protect Feed from Florida Weather and Save Money!

Hay Bonnet Benefits

  • Protect Hay from being Trampled or Wasted by Animals
  • Protect Feed from Rainy Weather
  • Protect Hay and Feed from Animal Waste
  • Ease of Use by Only One Person
  • Move the Units Easy from Place to Place
  • Animals of All Sizes Enjoy easy Access to Hay or Feed
  • Manufactured with Durable Weather-Resistant Materials
  • Save Money by Eliminating Wasted Hay or Feed

Purchase the Hay Bonnet at Fox’s Feed Depot in the Odessa, FL Area

Horses Feeding with the Large Hay Feeder
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida - Multiple Horses Feeding

Other Florida Locations Where You Can Find the Popular Hay Bonnet:

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Fox’s Feed Depot 813-920-2514