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Covered Horse Hay Feeder - Large Animal Feeder - Pasture Feeder - Round Bale Feeder - Dade City Florida
Covered Hay Feeder - Pasture Hay Feeder - Hay Bale Feeder - Florida

Covered Hay Feeders Dade City, Florida – the Hay Bonnet

When it comes to Covered Hay Feeders or Pasture Feeders for horses and large animals, you will find the Hay Bonnet at Farmers Feed Depot in Dade City, Florida.

Farmers Feed Depot
14648 7th Street
Dade City, FL 33523

Phone: (352) 567-3568


The Hay Bonnet is easy to use and easy to move. Horses, llamas and other large animals can access the round hay bales inside through any of the eight large openings in the side of the product. This Covered Hay Feeder protects hay from rain keeps it in one area so that it is not trampled by animals. Utilize it in the pasture or wherever it is convenient. The unit will protect your feed investment until all of the hay has been consumed.


Hay Feeder for Horses & Large Farm Animals in Florida, USA. Protect Feed from Florida Weather and Save Money!

Easy to Use Hay Bonnet Protects Hay Bales from Rain and Animal Waste. Helps to Prevent Mold from taking over Your Hay Investment.

Where You Can Find the Hay Bonnet Covered Feeder

The map below gives the location for Farmer’s Feed Depot, an authorized Hay Bonnet Covered Horse Hay Feeder in the State of Florida. Contact information is listed above this section.

Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida - Multiple Horses Feeding
Large Animal Hay Feeder - Florida
Horses Feeding with the Large Hay Feeder
All types of Large Animals Use the Hay Bonnet - Florida
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Farmers Feed Depot 352-567-3568

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